About Grandmaster Javed Khan

Strength, virtue, and honor are building blocks of Grandmaster Javed Khan’s being. As the founder of IPTF and creator of Khan Do Kwan, he has over forty years of experience in martial arts. He founded and created numerous self defense programs, including LEAD© and WARDA©.

Beyond his experience in martial arts, he is a police officer, community service specialist, Indiana LETB instructor, ILEETA instructor, member of the National Tactical Officers Association (USA) and more.

Grandmaster Javed Khan has trained military personnel, police officers, film stars and models. He has produced several world, national and international champions. He has trained and promoted thousands of black belts around the world. His passion for teaching and his love for fighting arts are limitless. He continues to learn and grow as a martial arts enthusiast.

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Javed Khan
Law Enforcement Training Board
International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association
Women Against Rape and Domestic Abuse
Law Enforcement Action Defense
Modern Indian martial art that involves natural movements of the human body for effective self defense and offense
International Progressive Taekwondo Federation