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The International Progressive Taekwondo Federation (IPTF) is a "politics-free” Taekwondo organization dedicated to promoting the true values of Taekwondo. An innovative and progressive Taekwondo organization, its goals are to help instructors and students of Taekwondo grow into better martial artists and better people society can look up to. Taekwondo means the way of the foot and the fist. It has several different styles, which emphasize either the foot or the fist. Techniques in the IPTF are more geared towards self defense and real world survival than just the sporting aspect of Taekwondo.

Taekwondo has been turned into a mere sport used only to gain medals and trophies. Instead of creating better human beings, the survivor of the fittest in competition attitude now rules this “sport.” In today’s world, true meaning and values of Taekwondo have been lost to many Taekwondoists around the world, and the IPTF is making a sincere effort to bring Taekwondo back to its roots. The IPTF system of Taekwondo is not sport oriented but combat oriented system of Taekwondo.

The IPTF was formed by Grandmaster Javed Khan in 2004. The IPTF provides internationally recognized color belt certification, black belt certification, and instructor certifications. Other specialized certifications are also provided in conjunction with the World Khan Do Kwan Federation.

The IPTF was formed by Grandmaster Javed Khan in 2004. The IPTF provides internationally recognized color belt certification, black belt certification, and instructor certifications. Other specialized certifications are also provided in conjunction with the World Khan Do Kwan Federation.
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Tae Kwon Do is the art of kicking and smashing with the feet and fists. It began in Korea over five thousand years ago and has since gained international interest. Tae Kwon Do has several benefits including health, flexibility and stamina, confidence and well being, self awareness, socialization, self-defense, stress reduction, positive attitude, strength of character, and also unity of mind, body and spirit. This fighting system is both fun and practical to those hoping to gain fighting skill sets and improve general well being.
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Khan Do Kwan

Khan Do Kwan is an effective and practical fighting system for the modern times. This system was developed by Grandmaster Javed Khan in 2004 and is now practiced in the United States, UK, UAE, India and Bahrain. Khan Do Kwan, also known as Vajra Mushti Mal Yuddh (Lightening Hands Dirty Fighting), involves natural movements of the human body for effective self-defense and offense. Khan Do Kwan techniques allow one to defend against brute strength as well as deadly weapons such as clubs, sticks, knives and guns. The skillsets gained in Khan Do Kwan give the student an edge over his opponent, as he is equipped in any situation or location. This self-defense system is recommended to individuals of all ages, including those in law enforcement and armed forces. Back to program offerings

Muay Thai & Kickboxing

Muay Thai is a combat system originating in Thailand that uses stand-up striking as well as clinching techniques. It is viewed as a self-defense system, sport, science, and art. It has physical benefits including a well-proportioned body and strength building. Its mental benefits include self-confidence, determination and intelligence. It also improves social skills by instilling respect, honesty, justice and manners.
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Little Warriors

Little Warriors is a program to help children develop into stronger, more capable individuals. It increases self-esteem by allowing children to set and achieve goals to improve their martial arts abilities. Children also develop integrity, responsibility, loyalty, discipline and an indomitable spirit. Ethics and values are taught along with strength and proper form. Your child will relish in his or her sense of camaraderie and belonging as well as their new sense of security.
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WARDA Women Against Rape & Domestic Abuse WARDA - Women Against Rape and Domestic Abuse was developed by Grandmaster Javed Khan in 1998. This program teaches women to effectively defend themselves against sexual abuse or assault. The program has gained interest and attention since Major of Indianapolis, Bart Peterson, declared September 2005 as WARDA month in Indianapolis, Indiana. Instructor training and certification in WARDA is also offered. WARDA is currently being taught by active certified WARDA instructors all over the world. The Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board has added WARDA as a program certified for Law Enforcement Officers in the state of Indiana. Currently thousands of women world over have benifited from WARDA training.

WARDA Women Against Rape & Domestic Abuse Website

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Law Enforcement Close Combatives (LECC) was created and designed by Grandmaster Javed Khan in 2003. This program enhances the skills of those who risk their lives serving, protecting, and defending the rights of citizens around the world. The program offers effective tactical self-defense and self-preservation training. LECC© seminars and workshops are available for officers and police departments. Insrtuctor training and certification in LECC© is also offered. Grandmaster Javed Khan has and does continue to conduct training for Law Enforcement Officers around the world and is an honored guest instructor with the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy.
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Grandmaster Khan travels worldwide to do seminars and training camps. Topics include:

  1. Olympic Style Sparring (Basic through Advanced)
  2. Ground Fighting for the street
  3. IPTF Curriculum (Patterns & One Step)
  4. How to Use Martial Arts Equipment Effectively
  5. Special Martial Arts Conditioning Program
  6. Khan Do Kwan (A modern, practical Indian martial art)
  7. LECC© Law Enforcement Close Combat©
  8. Street Self Defense
  9. Community Safety
  10. WARDA© Women Against Rape and Domestic Abuse
  11. Gun, Knife, and Club Defense
  12. Sparring and Forms
  13. Muay Thai Kickboxing for Competition and Fitness

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